Careers at Mars U.S.
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Careers at Mars U.S.

One of the many benefits of being an Associate at Mars is the opportunity to have multiple careers within one company.

We believe so strongly in our Associates that it’s a priority for us to empower them towards whichever career path inspires them the most.

As you’ll see in our stories below, as a Mars Associate you can easily grow and develop your career across different responsibilities, brands and locations. Take a look and uncover what it’s like to work at Mars with multiple career paths at your fingertips.

Learn and Grow at Mars

You can work with Mars Petcare in Nashville or Wrigley in Chicago – from R&D to HR, we provide the roadmap and training to get you where you want to go. Whichever career path you want to explore, Mars is behind you and ready to help.



Brand Manager, Mars Chocolate North America

I feel extremely lucky to have landed an amazing job as a brand manager for Mars’ ice cream business! When I was finishing my MBA, I had no idea this is where I’d end up. All I knew is that I wanted to work for a company that offered a general rotational program, but also invested in their employees and had strong values. Luckily, I found these things at Mars.

Through the Graduate Development Leadership program I had the chance to begin my career in our Chocolate business – and yes, there is free chocolate. I then moved to Chicago for a position with our ice cream business for a unique dual sales role, focusing on category marketing and sales. In my third rotation, I got the chance to travel across the world so I moved to Australia to work with the Chocolate segment there. As I reflected on where I wanted to keep growing my career, I found that my heart was in ice cream, so I made the journey back to Chicago and I’ve been here ever since.

Senior Associate Brand Manager, Chocolate Portfolio Strategy

New Jersey


Senior Associate Brand Manager, Ice Cream & Substantial Snacks



Seasonal & Gifting

Victoria, Australia


Brand Manager, MARS Ice Cream


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Associate Commercial Manager, Petcare U.S.

I joined the Mars family in 2011 and haven’t looked back since! Since I started in Commercial, I’ve had five different roles during my six years at Mars and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. From graphics analysts to packaging buyer to procurement manager, I’m so appreciative of the chance to continue developing my career here.

What sets Mars apart is how dedicated they are. I really see this in the commitment to developing all Associates, regardless of position, title or tenure. This focus has taught me that through learning and growing, not only am I becoming more effective in my work, but also a better human being.

While an open office environment permits Associates can bring their dogs to work sets us apart, we also give back to the communities in which we operate. Whether it’s helping our fur-friends or helping mankind, Mars Associates volunteer their time to help others.

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Katie Doyle

Sr. Director of Retail Sales, Mars Food U.S.

I started my career with Mars back in April 2005 at Wrigley in Chicago as Category Development Manager. I’ve grown my career at Mars since then, and it’s in part thanks to the great line managers, coaches and mentors that have challenged me and given me new opportunities. Through my time here, I’ve had the chance to work both internally at our Mars headquarters, and externally with a focus on our customers – across multiple segments.

One of the most inspiring things about working at Mars Food is its purpose: better food today for a better world tomorrow. Whenever I talk about that with consumers, customers and Associates, it resonates and is meaningful because it’s what we all want for our families and the communities we live in. And it’s fun to be a part of the change.

Over the last four years, I’ve participated in the Ben’s Beginners campaign through cooking with my own family and watching the videos of previous winners. Every time I watch, I feel so proud to work for a company that is based in good principles and values.

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Avani Sanghvi

Senior Food Technologist, Mars Symbioscience U.S.

I started at Mars Symbioscience as a research associate straight out of graduate school. Having come from the academic world, Mars taught me to be an industry professional while keeping my passion for science at the forefront. My very first manager and mentor taught me to be a critical food scientist and showed me that passion is the most important thing to succeed.

Mars is set apart from other companies I considered working for because they focus on the Associates, not only on the business. I love what I do. Not only because I can apply the skills I have but because I can do it in an environment that makes me want to do and be better. Mars has been a place where I can pursue my passion and carve my own unique path.

I’ve been an Associate champion for our Mars Volunteer Program (MVP) for three years and I find nothing more rewarding than the time I spend with this program. For example, we’ve supported BePolished, a non-profit that is committed to nurturing young girls while educating and exposing them to a world of opportunity. We recently hosted BePolished to discuss the endless possibilities women have in STEM at companies such as Mars, where we believe in science, in innovation and in every Associate. Hopefully one of the attendees will be inspired enough to become my coworker in the future!

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Kristin Hansell

Supply Chain Manager, Machines, Mars Drinks North America

I’ve had quite an interesting career path here at Mars and I can’t imagine having the same opportunities to expand my career at any other company. When Mars says they want to prioritize their Associates and help them grow, they mean it. I know from my own personal experience – in my two-plus years here, I’ve done just that! I started as a contractor in reception, became a Campus Administrator, moved into P&O (our HR function, short for People & Organization) and now am further growing my career as a supply chain manager.

At the end of the day I see so much potential for myself here at Mars, cross functionally or moving to a different segment and gaining more experience. When I was transitioning from P&O to supply, I was amazed at the overwhelming support I received from leadership. This culture of support and the fun people I get to work with each day are why I fell in love with working at Mars.

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Sandra Collier

Vice President, People & Organization, Wrigley Americas

My career has been quite a journey at Mars – I started out wearing steel-toed shoes on our factory floor, and now I’m running our People & Organization (P&O) division for Wrigley Americas.

My career transition into P&O has been the highlight of my tenure at Mars so far. To be honest, a career in human resources was never on my radar, and switching into HR after 12 years of Research & Development experience was a huge left turn. I’ve always loved leading teams and developing Associates as much as I loved R&D, and Mars saw that skillset in me that I hadn’t seen before.

Mars supported me fully in this transition – I took courses on HR and Mars helped me register for training classes. If you had asked me many years ago, whether I’d be the Vice President of P&O in Asia Pacific, I would have said you were crazy. I studied science! But this company has let me continue to explore roles, opportunities and even geographies – I love where my career has taken me at Mars.

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At Mars U.S. your career journey may start in one business segment, but your options are endless. Read the stories from our associates to find out where you might end up.

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