Brightening Smiles


Wrigley Helps Students Learn About Dental Care

We love to see the world smile. That’s why Wrigley Taiwan Associates left their workplaces to volunteer in their community and teach children about the importance of good dental health.

In recognition of World Oral Health Day, Associate volunteers visited students and teachers at a local elementary school in April 2016. The volunteers’ assignment was to help restore the school and teach children about oral health. The team used fun, interactive methods to share oral health basics, including the importance of brushing teeth properly.

Earlier that month, Wrigley Taiwan Associates took oral health education to the streets. When the Child Welfare League Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary, volunteers joined in on the fun. The team set up a booth at the foundation’s anniversary carnival and provided oral health education to more than 920 carnival-goers.

“The mission of the Child Welfare League Foundation is to advocate for children’s rights and help create a better environment for kids. It has been an honor to help support that mission,” said Lisa Lai, Corporate Affairs Director of Wrigley North Asia. “Oral health knowledge is something these children will carry with them throughout their entire lives. By teaching them how to form healthy habits, we’re helping pave the way toward a brighter — and healthier — future.”

Associates teach their local community about the importance of good dental health.

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