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Sustainability at Mars


Whether in our own operations or deep within our supply chain, sustainability remains firmly front of mind as we continue to create growth we are proud of.

The global threats we face — from climate change to resource scarcity — affect us all. Like you, we want to help build a planet that is healthy and thriving. But first, we must build a sustainable business. We're investing in renewable energy, improving conditions in our supply chains and speaking out about climate change. And we're working to make sure that the people we rely on — from smallholder farmers to suppliers — benefit from the growth of our business. Because everyone deserves a sustainable future.


We are working to improve the environmental impacts of our business and our social impacts on the communities we’re a part of.

One of the ways we are achieving this is through sustainable sourcing. This means that we are making sure we get the best ingredients from the best suppliers—suppliers who take care of the land they farm, and who respect the rights of everyone involved. From helping to lift farmers out of poverty to respecting natural resources, we are trying to make a difference.

Global Sustainability

See Our Global Sustainability Plan

The Mesquite Creek wind farm in Lamesa, Texas, generates energy equivalent to 100% of Mars’ electricity needs in the U.S.

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